October leaves

Crimson red 

Burnt orange 

Hues of brown 

Mustard yellow 

Shades without names 

October leaves 

Tumbling from the branches 

Of majestic trees 

Falling to the ground 

Like forgotten memories 

Trampled underfoot 

Unseen by most

But not all 

Still a few leaves remain  

Clinging stubbornly

To the branches 

Refusing to let go 

The tree stands tall



As the 

Pale sunlight 

Filters through the branches

Exposing the beauty 

The strength 

The fragility 

Of the bare tree

Its spindly branches 

So strong 

So thin

Hidden for so long

Now visible 

For those who 

Want to see

2 thoughts on “October leaves

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  1. I love the thought here about letting go. Even though October has passed, I think the messages carry throughout the year. The trees are excellent teachers of this concept. In the spring, what they let go, is now replaced by something more beautiful.


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